Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Password changed

So yesterday Google informed me that someone tried to log on to my account with my password from Barcelona. I changed passwords. Today two people informed me that my account is sending them spam. Not sure whether that's spam that took its time getting there or spam from someone who already guessed my new password. Google security says there's been no activity on my account that didn't originate from my home since the Barcelona incident, but I changed the password again anyway, this time to something no one will ever guess: rutabag#*&^a54321bla$t0ffff(rockett$cience).


Dave Fragments said...

When I worked for a very large government entity, they changed the passwords every six months. They monitored all the passwords for several years and prevented people from changing the new passwords back into the old passwords.
Find a way to create passwords that are long and have numbers and have capitals. It's not that hard.

Not a day passed when their computer network (considerably large, too - like 2000 users and 16 servers) was attached. About once every few minutes in the workday and hundreds of times each weekend. We were never hacked - a tribute to a few employees with boring jobs.

And my gmail spam filter caught the bad email from EE and I deleted it without opening.

CavalierdeNuit said...

Did you enable google's two step verification? It's a pain to set up, but the security is tight. I have it to protect my writing in google docs that only a hacker or bored google employee would ever read, but still, it makes me feel safe at the end of the day.