Monday, December 03, 2012

Auction ending!

Attention Minions:

Evil Editor is now up for bids in a charity auction to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief. Bidding ends Tuesday at 9 A.M.

The auction is here.


IMHO said...

I'll bid. The fine print says materials for review must be submitted by Dec. 2013. My manuscript isn't finished yet; winning the auction and knowing EE is awaitin' will be great motivation!

And if I don't finish, well, EE is off the hook and I know the money went to a worthy cause.

AlaskaRavenclaw said...

Nice! Mad sniping at the end there.

42 said...

I noticed several bids were higher than the equivalent offer on your (finished) kickstarter ... Any chance you'll resubmit the project?

Anonymous said...

I was one of the sniped (is that a word. See EE I need some editing help!

Evil Editor said...

You can resubmit? If I just contacted the three highest bidders who didn't win I could fund the project. On the other hand, the project was going to produce 75 copies of the comic strip book, and I get the impression I could get by with ten. Of course, I could produce 30 copies pocket the extra money, and charge half as much for the book, in which case it's more likely to sell.

Come to think of it, what do I need Kickstarter for? Why give them 5% and give Amazon 5% when these three people can send me the money and I can print the book with no other backers?

I wonder if Kickstarter projects that are already fully funded after two days get more action just because people assume they must be great?

42 said...

Sure you can. According to Kickstarter's website:
"Can I retry my project if funding is unsuccessful?
Yes. You can always try again with a new goal, whenever you're ready. You’ll need to set your project up from scratch, but it can be essentially identical if you choose."

You know for sure now there are people out there who want your services. Maybe the sniped bidders weren't aware you had the kickstarter going on. Or maybe they're just really charitable people who were in it for the Hurricane Sandy relief, and not the evil help.

Granted, I'm just hoping you'll try kickstarter again so I don't have to figure out a new Christmas present for my spouse.

Evil Editor said...

Is the Christmas present the book or an editing job? If the former, I believe I'll be able to help you out, as I ordered a limited number.

42 said...

Editing job, unfortunately (I was going to keep the book for myself.) Still, glad I can get one of books at some point.

Dave Fragments said...

Well I pledged to Kickstarter and was watching all of this when I fatefully wrote the check for my last car payment. I'd always said that I would buy a new computer when the car was paid and within the hour, the computer died and I had to run out that day and buy a new computer.

Whimper. That ended bidding on the Auction.

Now all I can afford is one STRIPS as a Christmas Gift to me if you would be so kind. If not. Santa will understand and me, well I didn't believe in him anyway.


Dave Fragments said...

I meant that I''d pay. I didn't mean for free.
Bad wording in my last post.