Friday, March 18, 2011

Meet Evil Twit

He sits there looking evil whenever an Evil Tweet is posted.

An Evil Tweet is the first 140 characters (or 25 words, if you don't care to count to 140) of an author's book or story. Your job is to continue the story (in the comment trail), bringing it to a conclusion, without exceeding your own limit of 140 characters (or 25 words).

You may also email your own Evil Tweet to Put "Evil Tweet" in the subject line.


Anonymous said...

Evil Twit looks like a cross between the grandpa on the munsters and vincent price. Is this intentional?? Is he going to make me laugh or really creep me out with some cheap rendition of E.A. Poe??

Dave Fragments said...

WOW, that's a fat tweeter with a big mid range and humongous base.

Jo-Ann said...

Evil Twit looks more constipated than evil.

And could somebody please tell him that tweets dont come via snail mail, so he can put the letterbox away.