Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cartoon 872

Caption: Evil Editor

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Inquisitive said...

Is this cartoon indicative of how the book is doing so far? Or is it strictly meant for entertainment?

Evil Editor said...

Is "all of the above" an acceptable answer? Actually, there were only 50 copies printed, of which 46 are available to the public, and almost half of those are gone.

Now, if the government released a mere fifty of some stamp or coin, each of those would be worth millions, so even those who don't want the book should consider it an investment in their (or their children's) future.

Add to that the fact that this book is number 1 on Evil Editor's list of the six funniest books ever published by Evil Editor, and it's easy to see that if you're planning to give it as a birthday or holiday gift, it would be wise to grab a copy ASAP.

none said...

*reaches thro cyberspace*

*grabs a copy*

*runs off laughing*