Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Book Launch!

Today is the official launch date
of two books
you simply must read.

The launch party is at Phoenix's nest.
Games! Contests! Prizes!

The books are Extinct, a collection of 19 stories about pay phones, typewriters and the book publishing industry, and Evil Editor Teaches School, a collection of 101 stories about Evil Editor (who, coincidentally, is largely responsible for the extinction of the book publishing industry).

The festivities begin at 9 AM eastern and last till Thursday morning. Those authors who haven't decided that this pub credit makes them too big to mingle with the riffraff will be dropping by from time to time to brag about their success. You should get over there right now.


none said...

If book publishing is dead, why should I read a book about how it's dead? Who would even publish such a book? Eh.

Evil Editor said...

It's not about that. It was a joke because the title is Extinct. The book is stories about extinction.

none said...

Now I feel stupid :).