Thursday, March 24, 2011

Evil Ad 106

Buy Evil Editor's New Book . . .
Or this weredingo will lase you.


ril said...

I got mine. And worth every penny -- even if they are those quaint little American pennies.

Phoenix Sullivan said...

Typical guy. Do you really think chicks are going to fall for that trot-out-the-cute-weredingo trope and just walk up to you and

-- he is kinda cute, huh? --

start up a conversation and

-- omg, just look at those sweet little demon eyes --

stand there while you

-- what's his name? --

chat us up and

-- oh, look! my trixie used to do that too --

cave to your demands?

-- oh, sure. i'd love to! here's my address. send me two, why don't you --

Sigh. OK. Maybe so.

Robin B. said...

Ohhhhh! What a sweetie! Is this the puppy whose name I guessed as Stella?

Mother (Re)produces. said...

My werekitty will toast the weredingo.

But buy EE's book anyway.

Dave Fragments said...

A fearsome beast waiting to pounce!

vkw said...

awww. . . .even with demon eyes he/she is just tooooooo cute. Would love to tell you about my babies some day.

Where do I buy the book?

Evil Editor said...

Evil Editor's Store.

McKoala said...

Nope. Sorry. Too cute!