Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Preparations

As continuations and fake plots aren't pouring in, and there may be fewer readers than usual to comment on anything for the next few days, I thought I'd list a few of the things I'm thankful for. Then you guys can submit your own items or lists (no more than five items per minion), which I'll collect for an amusing Thanksgiving Day post. Those who live where Thursday isn't Thanksgiving are invited to participate, of course.

1. I'm thankful they now make ladders with slotted rungs so that people with peg legs don't have to worry about slipping off.

2. I'm thankful the people who run Blogger have enough sense to know that if I don't get my usual Christmas bonus, this blog will be moving to LiveJournal.

3. I'm thankful Penelope Cruz has finally come to her senses and accepted my offer to take her back.


Marie Simas said...

How could you leave me for that bitch Penelope Cruz?

"Muse"... my ass!

Well, I'm still thankful for you, Evil Editor ;)

Robin B. said...

I heard Penny C. has back hair. I'm just saying...