Monday, November 02, 2009

Cartoon 505

Caption: Blogless_Troll

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_*rachel*_ said...

It's right next to Boardwalk, where the king and queen honeymooned.

Chris Eldin said...


(Did EE attend any Halloween parties? Any pics to post?)

Evil Editor said...

The last time I went to a Halloween party 80% of the people were dressed as me. Never again.

Evil Editor said...

Unchosen captions:

Hmm...winning was easier before I rejected his manuscript.--Voter

Actually, I said I'm more of a chest guy.--anon.

Mate? Shouldn't we finish the game first? --anon. the pawn or move it forward, eat the pawn or move it forward, eat the pawn or move it forward.... --faceless minion

Hurry and and take those publicity shots -- I gotta get this thing back to the shop. --anon.

dana p said...

Very, very good. :)

_*rachel*_ said...

That Halloween comment cracks me up.

Robin B. said...

HA! Perfect caption!

And EE, do you like like that, suit and all, even in hot tubs?