Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cartoon 521

Caption: Mother (Re)produces

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Whirlochre said...

Great stuff.

Evil Editor said...

Unchosen Captions:


Dear Evil Editor,
Return my rake. Also, I have written a lawncare memoir: Your Upcoming Fall....
--Faceless Minion

dere editr, i luk liek proper author, can i hav book deel plz? --Steve Wright

Heh, it'll be fall before they find him. Now to finish my latest coutroom blockbuster...

Having observed the bears for several days, I can confirm that indeed they do...

Christmas Eve. 1972.
Yeah — happy festive nightmare office party memories to you too, you lucky unenslaved bastards!

...and while it is claimed there is a wood nearby, all I see is trees...

I think that I shall never see
A swamp as creepy as EE
His comments brim with bile and sass
And like this stump he hurts my ass.

Dear Mom,
I think I’ve finally figured out this writing thing. It’s all about who you know and where you stand.