Friday, September 25, 2009

Cartoon 479

Caption: Anon.

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none said...


Evil Editor said...

Unchosen captions:

You thought I pulled your contract out of something else, didn't you?--Pacatrue

See? I do NOT pull them out of my ass! --writtenwyrdd

Ta da! And now, my partner, JG, will pull a complete novel out of his arse.-anon.

At least I didn't pull it out of my ass like most authors do. --Matthew

Ah, yes. This is much easier than pulling the contract out of my ass. --Suzan Harden

Our first lesson in Query Writing 101 is this: You pull the query out of a HAT, people.--writtenwyrdd

This way, I carry my shredder everywhere I go.--ww

"And we say the magic words... hmm... well, this is embarrassing. The rabbit has just informed me that I'm not right for his list."-- r. watson

For my next trick, watch where I hide this manuscript. --James Klousia

You see? Producing an award-winning manuscript is just that easy!--Clarkkers

Hey Rocky, watch me pull a form rejection out of my hat!--?

And just for you, I pull a contract out of a hat! ha ha, just kidding; it's Grampa Evil's peanut butter and corned beef punch recipe. Want a copy?--Mother (Re)produces

It is the perfect query, for now my hat shall fit exactly. --anon.

As effective as a shredder, and no trash to take out! --anon.

Voila! The mythical "Perfect Query"! --anon.

none said...

Nice on, r.watson :).

_*rachel*_ said...

Amazing how many people thought queries came out of other places.