Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cartoon 477

Caption: Evil Editor

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Evil Editor said...

Unchosen captions:

With dragon

Dammit, this is the last time we vacation with the mother-in-law. --anon.

The breeze is strangely warm for January. --anon.

Without dragon

Me and my editor and agent friends got all our slush piles together and are now skiing on Mt. Slushmore.

Now that's what I call a hook... --wo

Time to tackle the slush pile. The legal thriller pile forms a black diamond course.--r. watson

I can't help it -- I even spend my vacation in the slush... --anon.

Photos with Sarah Palin, a moose in the road, and my skis are too tight. These book tours can be a pain. --Lisa

This had better be good. He said it's called "The Shining." --Calliope

Cover shot for Evil Editor Magazine, featuring Ski Novel Rejections --Mrs. Fuss

See my article in Evil Editor Magazine: Rejecting the Ski Manual--Mrs. Fuss

Okay, I concede. Banff is a real word. --anon.

'Shreaded Slush Ski Paradise.' Why didn't I think of it before? *This* is where the real money is! --Mother (Re)produces