Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bad Query 6

Dear Evil Editor:

I am seeking representation for my 234,987 word fictional first novel. I am a housewife and mother who prefers longer books, and I find that books longer than 230,000 words are just about right. Anything shorter than 100000 words seems to be missing some meat to the story while anything over 250000 is a lot to work with. But 230000 is as perfect a length ad you can find.

I reached the exact word count by using my Word Processor software's Properties tags for each chapter. Then when I finished I bundled all the chapters together in a single file (ha ha) and ran Properties again. It gave me the precise figure of 234, 987 which is the word count of my novel that I am submitting to you.

Thank You



fairyhedgehog said...

Quantity is definitely underrated in bookselling! Nice one.

Sarah Laurenson said...

You make every word count!


Dave Fragments said...

THat's short, concise and to the point but I fear something is missing. Good stuff.