Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday Film Series

The Academy Awards are given out Sunday night. This is the first year Evil Editor's films have been eligible, but neither my films nor their performers have received nominations, despite the fact that they are clearly superior to the films that did get nominated. Why is this? you ask. One word: clout.

Apparently my relationships with Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz and Julia Roberts aren't enough to sway the Academy voters. Or perhaps they're just jealous. In any case, even once you're nominated your only chance of winning is to mount a massive publicity campaign, which is a polite term for a bribery campaign, and since EE Films runs on a budget of zero . . . well, you see the problem.

Not to worry. The nominees are in for the Evil Editor Film Academy Awards for films produced in 2008. View them here:

Winners will be announced Sunday night, and the good news is, it won't take three and a half hours.


Sarah Laurenson said...

You look good in gold.

talpianna said...

Er...just what sort of bribes are available?

Robin B. said...

I never did well on those tests from grade school where they tell you to read the whole paragraph on instructions before beginning the test. I always ran ahead and tried to finish as fast as I could, even though the test was impossible and nuts.

But the instructions said - just write your name and put down the test paper.

So, yeah, I saw movies and I saw awards and I watched the choices and voted for Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Film. And then I went back and read what you wrote.

McKoala said...

What, no nomination for Robin S in 'Hot Tub'?

Robin B. said...

There's a whole, separate award for the hot tub entry, McK.