Friday, August 03, 2007

Writing Exercise

It's about time this blog got some culture. So we're looking for poetry. Any kind, from couplets to limericks to sonnets to unrhymed iambic pentameter. Whatever. This being the Evil Editor blog, I would expect submissions to somehow be related to writing, publishing, specific genres, EE, his minions etc. And of course funny.

Deadline 5 P.M. Saturday, but if lots are coming in I'll start posting them earlier. Don't forget the name if you want credit.

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Anonymous said...

By "Saturday," do you mean 8-11, or was it 8-5? Whatever...

Ayn Rand in a Nutshell

Altruism, snicker, snicker
In my mind it's but a flicker
Of man' justifying inhumanity
by giving all, but in profanity
Of self.

So gather all ye noble ones
Ye watchdogs and liaisons
Of peace, prosperity, or whatever--
Right on--straight ahead and sever The optical nerve.