Friday, July 20, 2007

Bad Analogies, Part 1

He couldn't seem to get her out of his system, like a three-cheese pizza during the prune factory strike. --truthteller

It was an old man's kiss, like slabs of wet liver clapped across her lips. --writtenwyrdd

She felt somehow incomplete, like a Rubik's Cube with only the top level solved. --EE

I was surprised, much like the first time I met her father and didn’t know he had Tourette’s Syndrome. --wonderwood

They laughed uncontrollably, like someone had just lit a fart with the Thanksgiving dinner candles. --truthteller

You know how when you're taping up a package to mail it with wide clear packing tape, and the thing that's supposed to keep the end of the roll of tape free fails and now you have to find where the end of the tape is, and you finally do, but then you try to pull it up, and instead of the whole thing coming up, just a little piece comes, so you have to keep pulling little strips up? That's what it was like living with Ernie Greeb. --EE

It was a day I’d never forget, like the first time I got laid, except this was a whole day rather than just two minutes of it. --stick and move

He was the most annoying man she'd ever met, like when that little hourglass appears on your computer monitor and won't go away until you reboot. --EE

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Chris Eldin said...

LOL! They're all funny!! The tape one is great.