Wednesday, October 04, 2006

New Beginning Update

A few people have written to say that they can't submit written permission to be in the book because mailing from Upper Volta is too expensive, or they have no printer, etc. I'm willing to entertain excuses from those who have good ones and have provided email permission, and have doubly assured me that I have their permission. If you're merelybeing lazy, how about taking a moment to send it in. It'll cover you for volume 2, if there is one.

After the recent call for new continuations to some openings that otherwise weren't going to make the book, I've replaced two of them. Though I liked the continuation to New Beginning 29, the author hadn't come forward. And the continuation to New Beginning 40 was dependent on previous items on the blog for its humor. The new versions are posted, though if you want a couple surprises in the book, you can always wait.


Anonymous said...

My dog ate it...?

Anonymous said...

I really do not understand the hesitation from some folks. Those who have declined could agree to be included anonymously. They never have to admit their work is published in Novel Deviations, even if they secretly are Elvis or Nora Roberts.

For me, it's publishing credit. It goes like this: "I have finaled in several writing contests sponsored by the Romance Writers of America and am published in Novel Deviations Anthology."

If my query includes an intriguing hook about my book, followed up with slightly spiced up credits, I might get a read from an editor or agent.

Come to think of it, EE, I might change myself to anonymous, or some funky nom de plume. Can I resend my contract?

Evil Editor said...

Authors may change their minds about how they're credited and whether they're participating up until the day the book is sent to the printer.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is a wonderful thing when you write like I do. -JTC