Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Extremely Short Story 15

"Tommy has an imaginary friend named Mr. Boner," Bev tells Al, "and I don't know whether it's cute or unhealthy."

"It's unhealthy," Al replies, "and I suggest we put a stop to it right now."

So Bev goes into Tommy's bedroom and says, "Where's Mr. Boner? I'm afraid I have to kill him."

Tommy hides his anger as he fingers the pistol under his pillow. “He’s already asleep.”

“Well, all right, son,” she says, smiling at him and looking him over before she heads up to her bed. She always looks him over with this lovey look on her face. He hates it. I think he’s always hated it.

--Evil Editor/Robin S.


ChrisEldin said...

AHAHAHAHAHA! Good one!!!
:-) Now I won't be able to get the picture of Mr. Boner out of my head...

Robin S. said...

Wow - this is perfect.


Dave F. said...

Creepy stuff. I wouldn't have thought of that opening in a million years.

Robin S. said... you write horror?

freddie said...

This is perfect!

Nancy Beck said...


Great one. Pistol, hunh? Eee hee hee!!

Hope ya'll will forgive me for not being around for a while. Let's just call it a major health issue - of which I've finally turned the corner (or whateve cliche you wish to insert there).

I hope to tune in on a more regular basis.

Robin S. said...

Hi Nancy!

I've wondered where you were - glad to see you back, and hope all is (very literally) well now!