Friday, November 14, 2008

Extremely Short Story 11

It was supposed to be the much needed vacation of a lifetime. Using some of the money from the divorce, Mishua had decided to take the twins on a Disney Cruise -- a fun jaunt around the Bahamas. But it all went wrong when Elden kicked Pluto in the balls, Khirsha threw up over the navigation equipment and then, the final straw, Mishua called the cruise liner "a boat".

Captain Elrod gave them a choice: thrown overboard there and then by Captain Hook and Mr. Smee, or take their chances on the high seas in a Donald Duck lifeboat.

Mishua had them place Elden and Khirsha in a small dinghy. She took her final instructions from the captain and got in with them. The captain ordered the boat released and the two craft began to separate. The big ship turned north and headed back for land. The dory went south, disappearing into the swirling mists of the unknown.



freddie said...

Too funny!

BBJD said...

I like it. Your Elden character isn't too different from mine. A little more direct, perhaps.


Anonymous said...

What I love about the feeling this coupling evokes is the calm resignation of the mother, as though she knows her kids are terrors; she offers no resistance, just gets in with them. Been there.