Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Extremely Short Story 14

"This one's cute." Tiffany bent down beside a fluffy black and white dog.

"I don't care about cute," Tina replied. "I care about getting our revenge on Tony." She smeared "Pongo Wongo Dongo - Drives Dogs Wild!' on her hand and stuck it next to the bars; in an instant, the fluffy charmer threw itself at the bars, jaws dripping with foam, snarling like a werewolf on speed.

"His name is Louie," Tiffany said. "We rescued him from the pound. We hope you like the name, because that's what he's used to."

Tina bent over and kissed Tony on top of his head. He didn't try to rub it off.

--McKoala/Chris Eldin


ChrisEldin said...

Evil koala!!!
This is really funny!!! I might redo my ending...

Robin S. said...

Ooooh, McK. So good, girl.

batgirl said...

Dandy, both of them, and a great match in tone.