Monday, December 08, 2014

Dear Literary Agent... Now in Print

Someone sent me this film of himself speed-reading Dear Literary Agent . . . , the new book that belongs on the coffee table of every writer, editor and literary agent in the English-speaking world. I have two extra softcover copies and one extra hardcover that I can send out in time for you to give one to yourself for Christmas. Better yet, tell someone else to buy it for you, and use the saved money to reward yourself with something else from EE's bookstore. It'll be like getting two books for the price of one. Make that three, because EE's History of the World in Tweets is free with every purchase.


JRMosher said...

Am I the only one who watched this video and couldn't stop thinking this person should put the book down and go close that drawer already? Really, just me? Okay then.

Anonymous said...

No! You're not the only one! That open drawer is disturbing.