Sunday, February 26, 2012

The 4th Annual Evie Awards

The Academy Award show has barely gotten the best gaffer in a foreign film award out of the way, and the Evies are already complete. This despite the fact that the Oscars shows twenty-second snippets of their films, while the Evies shows the entire films. No wonder more people have watched the Evies than the Oscars three years running.

Best Musical Score
Kevin MacLeod for Bodywash

Best Actor
Evil Editor for Publishing Piracy

Best Actress:
Hannah Rogers for Agent Query

Best Picture
Right Place, Wrong Time


none said...

I voted. If I'm the only one, I win a book.

ril said...

This is the only ceremony I bothered with today.

And I voted. Do I get a book too?

I might even like it.

none said...

Ah, ril, you win. I have no comeback.

Anonymous said...

I already have the book. If I win do I have to get another one?

none said...

Dear Anon, there is room in your life for two books at least.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but two by Evil Editor?

none said...

I admire your chutzpah, but he has your IP address.