Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Survey Results

A mere 16 voters. Giving 0 to 5 points (5 if the account was rated highest) the results are as follows:

Evil Editor: 63
Public Confessor: 46
Kind Serial Killer: 41
Unethical Attorney: 39
Evil Psychiatrist: 30
Erick the Strange Angelic Man: 18

Someone already has an account called EvilEditor, someone, I might point out, who opened the account in 2009, tweeted once, and never used it again. However, I've noticed during my short time on Twitter that a lot of famous people use their name preceded by "The" or "The real," to distinguish themselves from fraud tweeters. And @TheEvilEditor was available.

So now there's a Twitter account @TheEvilEditor, but Evil Editor refuses to start tweeting until he has at least as many followers as Mrs. Varmighan. It's a matter of principle. So . . .

I've heard that if you don't have a Twitter account you can't click on the links in Mrs. V's tweets to see the cartoons. If that's true, it'll be true with Evil Editor as well. Opening a Twitter account requires you to give an email address so they can email you to confirm you're you and not someone else posing as you. But you don't have to give your real name or any other personal info, and you don't have to tweet if you'd rather not.


Dave Fragments said...

By the way, you only get Tweets from people or organizations you follow on Twitter. It is very controllable. So if you are afraid that suddenly 5000 tweets will hit your computer, it can't happen unless you are "following" some very prolific tweeters.

none said...

I voted. I didn't vote highly for Public Confessor, so everyone else is to blame for that one. Plus I followed you on Twitter before you even made this announcement. And I found out who 150 is.

So I'm not to blame. For anything.

Now please stop standing on my TAIL.

none said...

At least, I was following you until Twitter decided to unfollow you for me. It does this a lot.

Go stand on TWITTER's bloody tail.

Whirlochre said...

@theunrealevileditor would cover all bases.

Anonymous said...