Saturday, November 12, 2011

For no good reason, I did some googling around for the first 50 queries subbed to EE. While I probably missed some that changed not only titles but character names, this is what I came up with:

1. Par for the Course, published Samhain 2009

2. Mark of the Beast, as Animal Urges (Mark of the Beast & Touch of the Beast) published Ellora's Cave 2007

4. Coiled Revenge, published Wild Rose 2007

5. The Pele Project, as Hot Contract, published Wild Rose 2008

10. Stripped, published Freya's Bower 2007

23. Bad Ice, published Champagne Books 2008

30. Dressed to Kill, published Changeling Press 2007

32. The Last Lion of Sparta, published as The Last King of Sparta, published OakTara 2011

45. Portal to Murder, published Virtual Tales 2008

48. Mods 101, possibly as Performance Fuel Injections Systems, published HP Trade 2010

50. When Sid was Sid, as The Loudest Firecracker, published Tranquebar 2009

Some took the self-publishing option:

6. Tierra Red, via Outskirts Press 2009

8. Little Rituals, via Smashwords 2009

14. Trevor's Song, via Smashwords 2010

31. The Teen Queen and I, as A Song Apart, via Createspace 2011

41. Honor Lost, Honor Bound, as On Guard for Thee, via Fastpencil 2011

46. Live, Love, and a Polar Bear Tattoo, via Createspace 2009

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