Saturday, April 30, 2011

Success Story

Jayne Barnard, frequent continuation author back in the day under the name Jeb, reports that her novel When the Bow Breaks (New Beginning 566) is on the short list (3 titles) for the Unhanged Arthur, the Crime Writers of Canada/MacArthur & Co. Publishing award for Best First Unpublished Novel. No word on why it's "Bow" instead of "Bough"; guess we'll have to read the book.

Winner will be announced at the Bloody Words Canadian crime convention in Victoria, BC, June 3-5, 2011. Be there.


Phoenix Sullivan said...

Yay, Jeb/Jayne! Fingers crossed for you -- not just for the win but for the publisher not refusing their first rights ;o) How exciting! May's going to be one loooong month, eh? Keep us posted!

Dave Fragments said...

Congratulations. I hope it wins.

Xenith said...

Good luck

Stephen Prosapio said...

I sure HOPE that's not a typo! LOL

Actually a cute title and all the best. You're a winner for having gotten this far. I don't remember this one, so I'm going to go back and look it up.

Good luck!

Sylvia said...


Jayne said...


No, that's not a typo. It's a cellist's bow.

I've never heard of one of my chief rivals but the other has been short-listed twice before (maybe for different novels, maybe for the same one).

May is indeed going to be a lo-ong month.

Cross your fingers for me when you're not typing on your own epic manuscripts.


Evil Editor said...

Ah, so once you've read the book you realize that the title is pronounced When the Bo Breaks.

Jayne said...

Yes. Although I envision a cello and a broken bow on the cover to clarify, this title might not survive the publishing process.