Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Success Story

Stacia Kane's novel Unholy Ghosts should be hitting bookstore shelves today. Minions may remember the query from Face-Lift 469.

Ms. Kane, known here as December Quinn (Deece for short), has contributed several openings and continuations to this blog (including this opening to her now-published novel, Personal Demons). Most impressively, she's one of a select few authors to have material in all three volumes of Novel Deviations.


Phoenix Sullivan said...

I've always loved your titles, Stacia.

Congrats on your continuing success! Woot!

I also saw where Scalzi will be posting a Big Idea essay on Unholy soon and the review sites are reviewing. Looks like you've done your promo homework ;o) Best of luck on your sales!!!

writtenwyrdd said...

You know, I'd forgotten how hilarious your Downside song was:

{When you're depressed and shit is making you bitter
You can always go - Downside
When you're hopped up on drugs and feel suicidal
You can off yourself - Downside
Just listen to the racket of the axemen and the drummers
Linger with the emos as they claim their lives are bummers
How can you breathe?

The waste and puke fill the air
You can deny all your responsibilities there
So go Downside, tell yourself life is great
Downside - great place to take a date
Downside - everything sucks when you're there.]

Stacy said...

Congratulations, Stacia!

150 said...

Wow, that query was posted so long ago I wasn't exclusively going by 150 yet. Congratulations!

Evil Editor said...

In fact, you were still going by 75.

John said...

So people really do get published! Congrats, Stacia!

angela robbins said...

WAY TO GO! That's awesome.

Dave Fragments said...

Perhaps EE could have a page of success stories stuck off on the side.

Sarah from Hawthorne said...


Bernita said...

And December/Stacia worked hard for it, earned it and deserves her success!

Stephen Prosapio said...


Phoenix Sullivan said...

Lots of fun reading these comments ;o)

75! *giggle*

The Downside parody *snicker*

A "Success Stories" link in the navbar -- good idea, Dave! Moonrat has her Mischief Hall of Fame listed out, but a label link would be nice and easy. That way, when the rest of us are feeling especially masochistic, we're only a click away from being reminded how much WE suck -- erm, away from the inspirational stories of others.

Evil Editor said...

Okay, I've labeled the success story posts. I'm guessing a large percentage of those who submit queries here stop visiting after theirs appears, or at least before their book sees print, and we never find out about their success.

Phoenix Sullivan said...

Okay, I've labeled the success story posts.

Thanks, EE! Looks like there've been about 2 per month for the last 6 months. That's most excellent as those who report in are more likely to be regular minions -- and, by default, friends!

Stacia Kane said...

EE, why didn't you tell me you were posting this? *blush*

I hate that I don't get to come play here as often as I used to.

And you neglected to mention that not only are we still engaged to be married, :-), but that you and all the Minions are thanked en masse in the Acknowledgments of UNHOLY GHOSTS.