Friday, May 14, 2010

Cartoon 642

Caption: Anon.

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Evil Editor said...

Unchosen captions:

Relax, pal — I'm Varmighan's 8am workout... --Whirlochre

No, pal, this is your wake up call...--anon.

Money? Hell no. You're gonna READ my manuscript.--Bibi

But I don't HAVE any of Patterson's manuscripts.--Stephen Prosapio

Go ahead! Just aim for my arm, I need a vacation. --Slush

Jesus! All right all right - Da Vinci Code was a great book. My mistake. --Stacy

Well, I just got a fresh new batch of slu... er, manuscripts that just need to be sorted to find the diamonds. You have the gun so I can't stop you from taking them all.... --Faceless Minion

Ok, you win — but I still say we change the title. Disney will be all over us if we stick with "The Fuckin' Amazin' Fuckin' Flyin' Fuckin' Elephant". --whirlochre

Getting a little desperate...OK, I'll have 10 first class stamps, as well. --anon.

T-Take it easy, pal -- only the manager can unchain this pen. --anon.

Stacy said...

That's awesome.