Saturday, May 09, 2009

Saturday Film Series

This week, what you'll find
in Evil Editor's Shorts
should be obvious.


Sarah Laurenson said...

Dude - you were over $775 as of last night at the auction. So out of my price range. You're also bringing in the top price as far as I can tell. That's a great tribute to your awesomeness.

Dave Fragments said...

That was better than my morning grande, vente, cappuccino, latte, caffeine and sugar injection!

Anonymous said...

Lovely background music and the tinkling of cutlery against fine china makes this week's short a wonder to behold.(beheard?) Thanks for including my haiku!!!


_*rachel*_ said...

Classy and subtle, with a hint of humor--just like a good wine.

Who am I kidding? I've never tasted wine! I whine a lot, though.