Friday, May 29, 2009

Cartoon 396

Caption: anon.

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Evil Editor said...

Unhosen captions:

What bodies? ... I use these for gardening.--faceless minion

Actually, I was thinking of picking up a hoe later... --anon.

Grisham? No idea. Uh, never saw him. --anon.

Yardwork? Nah. Got a lotta zombie manuscripts in the slush. Shovel's the best way to decapitate them. --Kiersten

I'm on BookTV tonight: I need to put on makeup and comb my hair... --anon.

Off to mow, off to mow, off to mow a writer.--BuffySquirrel

Welcome to Writing 101: 'Submitting without Evil Editor, aka Digging a Grave for your own Career'

Off to the manure--I mean--slush pile. --Matt Heppe

Some editors have their special pens for editing; i have my special shovel and rake. --freddie

Yeah, this manuscript's gonna take a little more work. --freddie

Like Every Man, EE Was In Need Of A Ho. --Travis Erwin

_*rachel*_ said...


This blog's so quiet when you're gone.

How's Evil Jr.? Tired?

Evil Editor said...

Hey, I said when I left that things would be no different. If it's been quiet, it's the minions fault, as I posted the usual quantity of stuff.

_*rachel*_ said...

Yah, but my whole world was shaken when the new beginning didn't come up in the morning.
Actually, we did have quite a romp with the anonymati in the comments of Buffy's beginning. Hoo-boy, kind of like the bits I just read on the Rejector's blog, September 20, 2007.

none said...

Eh, it's the 1970s! Which is apparently also where Scalzi's "The Android's Dream" is set.

Gah. Time travel so not a good thing.