Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday Film Series

You've been in Lincoln Center. You've been in Carnegie Hall. You've been in La Scala. But you don't know what entertainment is until you've been in Evil Editor's Shorts.


Dave Fragments said...

You smacked your lips when you talk. Did you know that? And a young voice and an old voice. Intriguing. And was that Klezmer music? I like it. I like it. Sorry, I got involved in the details, again. I look forward to your shorts.

Robin B. said...

All I can say is, please don't stop that smackin'.

I grinned my way through all of today's double feature, right on down to the trail mix, and I really laughed when I saw the credits on both of them. The Olsen twins, and Debra Messing especially.

Evil Editor said...

I don't hear any smacking. I suppose if you turn the volume way up you might hear Grisham licking his . . . leg.

Dave Fragments said...

Grisham loves himself, you say... I never met a man that flexible. Oh wait, Grisham's your dog and


Chris Eldin said...

Dave! Just enjoy what's in the shorts, okay?

These were great! I recognize that trail mix. I have the same brand, next to the empty cookie boxes in the pantry.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Loved the trail mix myself. And these were great all the way through, including the credits. What a fun weekend diversion.

Either I didn't hear the smacking, or it was drowned out by my two dogs.

Julie Weathers said...

Good grief, that second one was horrible.

EE smacks his lips? Need to get my hearing aid checked, I guess. I didn't hear it.

Your fascination with the emaciated Olsen twins is frightening.

I do have a question. Both of these beginnings were good. Are we supposed to be commenting on the work?

Ah, by the way, Robin, thank you. I did some adjusting to the enchanted jars scene for the reading. At much urging from a friend, I entered it in Jack Whyte's workshop at Surrey. He is only taking 12 students and those entrants are based on a scene from a wip.

I got in the workshop. That means I will miss Janet Reid's query workshop. Sooo, you all might get the golden opportunity to see the revised version again.

Yes, I heard that collective groan.

Robin B. said...

Gotta love that leg licking!

Heel, boy. Heel. Stay right by mama.

Evil Editor said...

Are we supposed to be commenting on the work?

No, all of the films are made from pieces that have been through the mill.

Robin B. said...

Hey, Jules - congrats and best of luck to you, and have fun at Surrey!

I don't think there's anyone there interested in the type of fiction I write - but I'm sure glad that's not the case for you - so have at it, girl.

Anonymous said...

As always, Evil's shorts are filled with fun.

Julie Weathers said...

Thanks, Robin. I think there is room for everyone at Surrey. One of the workshops is about sex in fiction.

Whoo hoo!

Aside from that, you're a good writer and that's what people are interested in.