Monday, October 06, 2008

Cartoon 229

Caption: WO

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writtenwyrdd said...

Of all the cartoons, this one is the creepiest. I think it's that purely EVIL grin. Glad someone finally came up with a good caption. That was a tough one.

Evil Editor said...

Some unchosen captions:

Oim a lubmerjack an' Oim okay! --writtenwyrdd

Nothing like a nice, hot bath after a day of crushing dreams.--kiersten

2. Bad writing makes me feel dirty. --kiersten

Ever since I got this Duck-o-matic happiness inducer I haven't been able to stop smiling! It's making the Evil schtick a bit unbelievable.--writtenwyrdd

Drowning the Afflak duck: starting my day the Evil way! --writtenwyrdd

Is this a quacker I see before me? --wo

Whaddya want tonight, Ducky? Sinatra, Crosby or The Ramones? --whirlochre


Robin B. said...

Whirl, this was perfect. I agree with WW - EE's grin here was freakazoid time, and you nailed it.