Friday, June 20, 2008

Cartoon 146

Caption: anon.

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Robin S. said...

If you ever do one of these, can you tell us? And can you wear that purple get-up? It makes me all happy inside.

Julie Weathers said...

Yes, I have a question. Where did EE get that awful coat?

I'm quite certain I have lost all desire for him now.


Julie Weathers said...

*Glances at Robin

Robin, anything EE touches makes you all happy inside. Don't encourage him to wear that again!

Evil Editor said...

Some unchosen captions:

"Although I'm not from here, I am honored to receive this award as a Prize Runner in the City of Kansas. My reputation is now secure." --Laurapellerin

. . . and that's why I think pitch sessions with young, female, topless writers are more effective. --freddie

I'd like to welcome everyone to this break out meeting of Colour Blind Editors of America. -McKoala

The main reason why you don't get published: You suck. Thank you, and good night.--R Lyle Wolfe

No. Graffiti does not count as a publishing credit.--R Lyle Wolfe

My advice? Next year, spend your $1100 on a good hooker..--R Lyle Wolfe

Chris Eldin said...

That suit is from Church Lady's closet.

(sorry Robin, but it's true. Go check.)


Anonymous said...

EE, are you ever gonna talk to us again and make your signature snide remarks?

I miss them.

Anon at work.

Evil Editor said...

Sorry, I'm trying to produce a book trailer and clear time to edit a novel to fulfill my auction obligations, plus I have to get Bet Me read. That plus posting to my blog three times a day has left me with little time to snide. Yes snide is now a verb. Interestingly, it has no past tense. You may snide, but you may not have snided.

Evil Editor said...

By the way, you couldn't have two easier titles to write fake plots for, yet the two titles waiting for Face-Lifts have been there a week and have generated two fakes each. Perhaps it's time to do away with Guess the Plot.

Anonymous said...

I did see Suckers - and god, did that ever bring back memories,
but what I'd really like to see is writing, but different stuff- like scenes from our WsIP or something - so we can discuss them on a regular basis throughout the week.

Or - ya know - eviscerate the authors or something.

Yes. You're right, YRH. I had wine at lunch.

Anon at work.

Anonymous said...

P.S I like snide as a verb.

So many possibilities, so little time - but I'll do my best...

Anon at work that misses talking.

Kiersten White said...

Sorry, EE, I've been seriously slacking. Or actually, I've been getting my own stuff done.

I'll submit like a madwoman as soon as the kids are down for naptime.

I have too much time to snide, and it gets me in trouble.

talpianna said...

Since "snyder" is an old word for "tailor," obviously the verb "snide" means "tailor to fit," or, more briefly, "edit."