Friday, February 29, 2008

Cartoon 3

Caption by Anonymous

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Evil Editor said...

Unchosen Captions:

Writers' Block I can handle - but floating through the ether with my legs chopped off gets me every time.--Whirlochre

"Ugh, why did I paint my office all in pink?"--Pacatrue

I've just GOT to find the right rhetorical question for the first line of this query letter! --Scott

"I'd get up and quit this writing crap if I had some friggin legs." --Blogless_Troll

"She stared once more at his firm, anticipant manhood before taking it in her...Unh!... Dammit. Honey? I'm out of Kleenex again!" --anonymous [Funny, but reminded me too much of Writing Exercise Result 6 this past Sunday.]

"What the fuck?" --Wonderwood

moonrat said...

dammit!! typing has gotten SO TRICKY since i superglued my hand to my forehead!!

Evil Editor said...

Nice, Moonrat. Now do one of the cartoons that hasn't already been posted. (Link in sidebar)

Phoenix said...

*snort* funny blog. Gotta come back here.

McKoala said...

Why all the anonymi? Stand up for your humour!

moonrat said...

sorry, EE, i've never been great with timing.