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1. What the--??


Authors with books that they feel are ready for publication prepare query letters, which they plan to send to publishers or literary agents. They get these into the best possible condition, and then email them to Evil Editor. Evil Editor prints them exactly as they came to him, adding his own comments in a different color. Evil Editor's comments are intended for entertainment purposes only, although many readers insist on finding them instructional as well. Queries aren't limited in length, but if you can't fit it on one page, it's probably too long.

2. How--?

Email queries to Within the email, not attached. If your query gives no clue as to where your title comes from, that's fine, but you might let Evil Editor know where you got the title, so that he can create a "Guess the Plot" that sounds like someone might reasonably have made it up after seeing your title.

3. Huh?

At the beginning of each Face-Lift is a feature called Guess the Plot. It includes several fake plots along with the correct plot for the title of the book. The fake plots are submitted by EE's Evil Minions, of which you are now one. Click on "Queries Waiting" in the sidebar for a list of titles waiting for fake plots. Send as many as you like.

4. How else--?

You may comment on any post. When submitting a comment, try to be helpful or witty or both. All authors enjoy praise and constructive criticism. And don't forget to include praise for Evil Editor.

You may follow Evil Editor on Twitter. Evil Editor's handle is @TheEvilEditor.

You may also show up, read the new posts, and leave. No obligation, except to have fun.

5. Can I--?

No. You must be willing to be humiliated (or praised) in a public forum. The lessons to be learned from having your query critiqued are probably available in the critiques of other authors' work, however, so if you don't have the courage to submit, read the archives.

It's possible something you submit will be used in an Evil Editor book. You may declare that you don't want it used in a book, in which case your wish will be granted. As Evil Editor's blog is read by hundreds every day and will exist for eternity, while Evil Editor's books are read only by the few who order them, most of whom read the blog as well, opting out of the books is pretty much an exercise in futility.

6. What if--?

If you disagree with Evil Editor, strive to see where you've gone wrong. If you disagree with a commenter, remember, it's just one person's opinion. It's your book. A consensus of opinions may indicate that you have a problem worth addressing.

7. When--?

If you've submitted a query, you should soon find it listed in "QUERIES WAITING" (link in sidebar). Others in the queue have been waiting longer than you, so be patient. Queries/synopses are critiqued in the order received.

8. What about--?

Most of them are answered in the archives. If reading the archives is a pain, you can order Evil Editor's books, Why You Don't Get Published (which collects most of the Q and A's, Dear Literary Agent, which collects my 50 favorite (funniest) query critiques, and Evil Editor Teaches School (which collects the best of the writing exercises). Click on "Bookstore" in the sidebar.

The archives, by the way, may be more enjoyable if you read from the earliest to the latest, as there are a few inside jokes you won't find amusing otherwise. True, it would take months to read the archives, but that's your fault for showing up so late.


Anonymous said...

Can we resubmit a query, after we have revised it (hopefully for the better)?

Evil Editor said...


Unknown said...

Hello Evil Editor.

Is there a way for me to search for an old query of mine on your blog?

Evil Editor said...

Near the top left of the blog is a place where you can type the title of your book. Hit return and you might find it. Sometimes doesn't work on really old stuff, in which case email me with the title and I'll find it.

Sergio Santamaria said...

I just submitted my query, Evil Editor. I am so scared and excited!

Evil Editor said...

Relax, you have to wait for people to send in fake plots, and for me to do what I do, by which time you may have forgotten that you submitted it. Also, it hasn't appeared in my inbox, so maybe you didn't submit it after all.