Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Success Story

Phoenix reports that Deadly Dozen, a multi-author boxed set of 12 mystery/thriller books she manages in her position as managing director at Steel Magnolia Press has reached #13 on the New York Times e-book-only bestseller list.

A visit to Amazon reveals that the Kindle version of the entire set is currently on sale for $0.99. What the--?


Veronica Rundell said...

Ooh! I've heard good things about this! Congrats to Pheonix!

AlaskaRavenclaw said...

Well, that's great!

kregger said...

Thanks for the heads up. Even if only one book is worth it this is a steal. I can't wait.

Phoenix Sullivan said...

Thank you, Veronica!

*waves to ARC*

Hi Kregger!

This was a fun set to put together and push up the ranks. And working with so many talented authors was pretty fab too. My only regret is that my own thriller wasn't in this box. So I've got some more work to do to see if we can't do this all over again later this year :o).

Thanks for the shout-out, EE. My ghost seems to still comment in the classic face-lifts even if I don't come around and comment so much myself. I do still stop by and lurk!

Phoenix Sullivan said...

Oh, yay! This week's lists just landed, and Deadly Dozen is #21 on the NYT Ebooks-only list (missed hitting the ebook/print combined list this week) and #79 USA Today.

I did expect the Week 3 on the USAT, but totally did not see staying on NYT for a second week o_0