Wednesday, January 08, 2014

New Books from Evil Editor

1. The History of the World in Tweets

I was planning to publish this in print, but it looks better in color, and color would have cost more than I was willing to charge for a 106-page book, so I decided to go for e-book, except formatting an ebook requires more time or money than I cared to invest, so I'm emailing you a pdf copy readable on your computer, tablet, or Kindle. As I don't have to pay a book printer, I'm able to sell at the rock-bottom price of $2.06. Sure, I could just give it away, but then everyone would order a copy, and I would spend all my time emailing it to people who didn't really want it except that it's free.

2. Evil Editor Strips Again

Somehow I was able to come up with a second collection of comic strips featuring the world's most famous editor. Just as big and just as funny as the first. If you have to ask the price you can't afford it, but I'm selling it at my cost, which is a lot lower than I could find anywhere else. This one includes Evil Editor's Graphic Novelette!

Also, I've removed the "store" from the Evil Editor empire, and opened one in the Square Market. You can go there by clicking "BOOK STORE" in the sidebar. Square is a company started by the guy who came up with Twitter. You may have encountered their product for accepting credit cards (by attaching a "square" device to an ipad or iphone) if you spend money at Starbucks or farmers markets or with cab drivers, hairdressers, prostitutes, etc. Square takes less of a cut than their competitors, including the one I've been using. I've added shipping costs (to US addresses) to the prices of the books.

To celebrate the opening of the new store, I'm attempting to unload some of the older books that are gathering dust on my shelves by not adding a shipping charge into the price of Novel Deviations or Why You Don't Get Published. Plus, if you buy all three Novel Deviations books or both Why You Don't Get Published books, you get them for $7.50 each.

If you want books shipped outside the US, email me first. Square Market isn't available outside the US yet, but we can work out something with Paypal or my old shopping cart partner, CCNow.

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