Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Fake Plots for Published Books

Chosen Submissions
[Unchosen submissions have been posted in the comments at the original post.]

Without Feathers

The town of Crosby Corners hasn't had a decent tar-and-feathering for two hundred years. When Blake Hidegood is caught trying to elope with the mayor's daughter, it looks like the community's luck has changed. But no! All the ducks have already flown south for the winter! Rioting ensues.

The Thin Man

The world's most famous editor has gastric banding surgery to lose weight. He gets down to a svelte 150 pounds, but now no one will take him seriously when he claims to be an editor.

Confessions of a Crap Artist

A Brooklyn housewife breaks down and explains to her family why they should never, ever have eaten her brownies.

The Hunger Games

Eleven year old Oliver is abandoned on Rapa Nui with a shellfish allergy.

Virtual Banality

As if university cocktail parties weren't tedious enough, Milton College has instituted a weekly hour-long compulsory on-line chat for all tenured professors. Can Campbell Bryant stay awake long enough to moderate the conversations or . . . yaawwwnnnn. What did you say?

Juliet, Naked

Clayton has finally landed the role of a lifetime - playing opposite his secret crush Jenny Foster in his high school's production of Romeo and Juliet. For two straight weeks before opening night, he has a nightmare of walking on stage naked in front of the entire student body. He overcomes his anxiety and makes his entrance fully dressed. To the audience's amusement, Jenny doesn't.

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