Sunday, November 07, 2010

Sunday Feature 12

I made this little film to introduce my new business venture a while back, but I think only those who visited Robin's blog ever saw it.


ril said...

Awesome. Where can I buy these? And is there one for "Congratulations! You finally figured out how to brew a fresh pot after taking the last cup!" No special reason -- just asking.

Pacatrue said...

Beautifully random and beautifully specific all at once. How do you do it?

Fairy Hedgehog said...

Those are so amazing. I love the Uncontrollably Sob

I'd also like to see the card for the person who guessed the GTP. I actually did that once!

Aerin said...

May I please have one for "congratulations - you've gone another day without strangling your children or your husband"?

As ril said - no special reason.

McKoala said...

Ah, a fortune you will make, young one.

Phoenix said...

I definitely sensed a deep, enduring, timeless theme of togetherness and eternal tenderness in these offerings. So signatorily you. Indeed. Uncontrollably, I, too, sob.

vkw said...

A market
sought after
the void

These cards were priceless. Absolutely priceless.

They say everything I ever wanted to say in a greeting card and so much more.

But I need a specific card that says breathlessly - now that you've got your grades up and there is once again a chance you may graduate sometime, I'm not going to kill you. congratulations for avoiding death and eviction

Like ril said - no particular reason.

Anonymous said...

Mm...maybe a variation on the card for the person who's just paid off their car loan--a card for the person who's just paid off their car loan and gotten t-boned in an intersection by someone texting on their cellphone. Or a congratulations card for the person who just got a negative on their blood test for STDs. The possibilities are endless.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Yeah, the sob got me as well.

I think you could hit the untapped foreclosure market with these, but maybe that's too massive an appeal.

Dave Fragments said...

These were GREAT!

Robin B. said...

Damn. I'm feeling absolutely nostalgic, Sparky. I love you and I love the classic minions.

Phoenix Sullivan said...

I'm feeling all nostalgic, classic, and deja-vu-ic myself.

*doing a double-take at those comments* ;o)

valerief said...

Totally cracked me up!!!!