Saturday, November 06, 2010

Publication Opportunity

Writers: If you haven't committed to churning out a 50,000- word novel this month, why not write a short story for Phoenix's anthology Extinct (Doesn't Mean Forever)? The details are here.

And if you are writing a novel this month, write your story in December/January. The deadline is January 30. Think of it as a two-month writing exercise.


none said...

I only see a blank page. Hmm. Very pomo.

Evil Editor said...

If you're clicking the word "here" and getting a blank page, the problem may be at your end. Try going to

none said...

I see the blog frame, but not the blog content. Husband's laptop is the same. Very strange.

Sylvia said...

Same issue here and it used to work for me. I've tried looking at it from various routes and two different browsers and no joy. I've mailed Phoenix directly.

Evil Editor said...

Strange. Still works for me.

Zachary Gole said...

Working for me, too.

I wasn't sure whether it was worth leaving a comment just for that, but I decided to go ahead and do so when I saw the verification word, which is perhaps the single most appropriate word that could possibly come up on this blog:


Sylvia said...

LOL Zachary!

Anyway, working fine here now too!

Phoenix Sullivan said...

Sylvia alerted me to the problem, but it all seemed OK once I got to it to troubleshoot.

I'll be happy to forward guidelines, etc. to anyone who wants them:
phoenixsullivan @

Too funny, Zachary! PLEASE don't take that as an omen, though ;o)