Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cartoon 604

Caption: Khazar-khum

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Evil Editor said...

Unchosen captions:

[The original drawing showed a pipe rather than a manuscript.]

Smoke this Chief, it'll make those manuscripts more interesting. --Matt Ryan

I dunno, man... this is the biggest size we stock, and I don't think you could fit a whole manuscript in there at once. --Steve Wright

So if I smoke this, I'll be able to fly like a helicopter?--John

It's like an ear candle, only it goes in your ass. --wo

Very interesting, but where my chicken? --Anon.

Ugh, EE. First, we smoke’em…then we pass’em...to the left hand side. Chief go last. --Mina B.

...and so my book -- it blow lid off tobacco industry! --anon.