Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday Film Series

Hang the fire code. This time of year you can always count on finding the Yule log in Evil Editor's Shorts.


Dave Fragments said...

An epic double feature - hogs, pirates and parrots.

Robin B. said...

So, I couldn't quite catch the favorite minion's nickname the first one??

And I'd forgotten just how good that parrot piece of Phoenix's was, so thanks for that!

writtenwyrdd said...

Never smelled anything as bad as a hog farm.

Another clever one, but the comment in the post is my fav yet - yule logs will never be the same after than innuendo!

Whirlochre said...

Best pairing so far.

Phoenix Sullivan said...

OMG. I'm in Evil Editor's shorts!


Best Christmas present evah!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I actually had the broadband hooked up and could enjoy the breathtaking experience of being in Evil Editor's shorts!!! Loved it! Loved hearing Phoenix's read so dramatically and loved the musical score. And I appreciate the nod you gave to Edith Head.


Bevie said...

I've often wondered what happened to Arnold when Green Acres went off the air. Glad to know he got work - instead of winding up as the main course at a pig roast.

Writtenwyrdd's right about hogs. You don't want to be within twenty miles of a hog farm. (When the wind's just right, we can smell Iowa.)

Evil Editor: One of our local TV stations broadcasts the burning of yule logs in a fireplace for twelve hours beginning on Christmas Eve. I don't suppose you've considered making a twelve-hour film of your yule log burning in a fireplace? Or would it be 24-hours of uninterupted flames? Just wondering. smiles

talpianna said...

Evil Editor's Yule log is actually a Bûche de Noël: