Friday, December 26, 2008

2008 Cartoon Caption Awards

The Evil Editor Awards provide those who contribute to the blog an opportunity for recognition from your fellow minions. Of course, if you contribute anonymously, your fellow minions don't get to praise you voluminously, so if you'd now like to take credit for a caption below, feel free.

2008 Cartoon Caption Awards

4th Place

Caption: ril

2nd Place (tie)

Caption: Anon.

Caption: Anon.

1st Place

Caption: BuffySquirrel


donna said...

The 4th place cartoon (and caption) makes me want to barf, and then thank the Lord that I'm lesbian. Urf.

none said...

Oh! *takes bow*

Chris Eldin said...

AHAHAH! Congratulations, Buffy! That was hysterical!!

Sophia said...

Yay! Congrats, BuffySquirrel, and all the winners!

Anonymous said...

Good to know that so many of my favorite minions are represented here, i.e., Buffy & ril & anon. Congrats to you all!!!


Robin B. said...

Hey buff, congrats!!

And donna honey, for those of us who, you know, enjoy the first caption as is, for what it is, scent invasion and all, I say live and let live, eh?

Stacy said...

Congrats, Buffy!!

donna said...

I guess, but this kinda stuff doesn't offend straight women? (I always feel so disconnected from these kind of jokes--I have no perspective from which to judge them--I always get super icked out and grateful I'm gay.)
And, misogyny doesn't strike you as being an overall theme on this blog? (Sorry to be such a stick in the mud, but I call it as I see it, albeit through my non-hetero eyes.)

Bevie said...

Congratulations, Buffy.

none said...

There's nothing misogynistic about the blog. Some of the minions, however....


(I find the caption icky, but funny. Funny because it's icky, I guess.)

Evil Editor said...

First of all, there's a trapdoor in a desk. Only one of the numerous captions (ril's) submitted found this in any way sexual, so as far as I know, only ril and Donna found the drawing itself sexual. As for the caption, it was explained my Mrs. V. ( when the cartoon first appeared, and clearly there's nothing offensive about it. Let's get our minds out of the gutter. Plus, of the eight people who voted for this cartoon, seven are women.

Finally, as this is possibly the least misogynistic blog (according to this rating chart, anyway: on the web, I would suggest reading it before making wild generalizations.

Phoenix Sullivan said...

I <} Lorena.

Donna, you'll find Buffy is the quickest of us all to call anyone out regarding anything the least bit misogynistic. While I find #4 crude and not to my taste (yes, pun intended -- I do, in fact, have a sense of humor), I've never considered the captioner a misogynist nor do I think the caption/cartoon is misogynistic.

I hope you hang around. There are quite a few bright, opinionated, outspoken women who contribute to this blog -- a nice, eclectic mix of married, single, hetero, gay, and quite likely bi and transgenedered individuals who won't tolerate being demeaned or disrespected. There are also a number of equally bright, opinionated, and outspoken males who wouldn't think of demeaning women.

Then there are the handful of those from either/all persuasions who do. You learn pretty quickly to distinguish the harmless sexual banter and reaction-seeking jibes from the truly mean and ignorant remarks. And to tolerate or ignore the stuff not in your comfort zone.

Besides, if Lottery-Loser says the blog rates as one of the 5 least misogynistic blogs, ya gotta believe it. L-L wouldn't post a rating that hadn't been thoroughly vetted with at least a boardroom full of good ole boys. Swear.

And congrats to Buffy and all the finalists!

talpianna said...

Finally, as this is possibly the least misogynistic blog (according to this rating chart, anyway: on the web, I would suggest reading it before making wild generalizations.

But...but...but, EE, that's YOUR OWN BLOG!!!

pacatrue said...

I particularly enjoy #1 and #2. Those are hysterical.

none said...

*falls over laughing*

Robin B. said...

Holy crap - I just looked at the 'blog list' of least misogynistic blogs, and laughed my ass off.