Friday, September 21, 2007

Writing Exercise

Evil Editor is offered a free Alaska cruise if he can convince five of his minions to pay their way along, and if he will provide a daily writers' workshop. Write the scene as EE enters the room for the first session--wearing a disguise, of course, though not necessarily the one to the right.

200 words, deadline 2 P.M. Eastern, Saturday. Submit as a comment; include a name if you want credit.


Robin S. said...

So what would it take to make this REALLY happen?

You could even wear a disguise, just as long as that goatee of yours is showing. I'd really like to see that.

whoever said...

Yeah, I'd sign up for this. Can we get a group rate? Just not Carnival please. I hate Carnival. ;)

Dave said...

I watch Dr Who on Fridays. I have for almost thirty years.

Derek Jacobi was the guest star tonight.
One of the great British actors of our time. Do you have any idea of the quality of script they have to write to get an actor like Derek Jacobi?

stick and move said...

I bet the quality of the script would have to be near perfection for Derek Jacobi to even wipe his, er, well, you know...with it. For him to act it out, well, let's put it this way, I can't see him doing My Cousin Vinny.

pacatrue said...

We need to switch the cruise to the Carribean because I keep dreaming of EE in a string bikini. Mutton chop facial hair and g-strings. Yeah, I need a cold shower now.