Saturday, June 03, 2017

New Books from Evil Editor

I've produced these comic strip collections for my own enjoyment, but I also ordered a few extras, and can order more if necessary.

Most of the strips in this first one have appeared as tweets, but as time passes, like all tweets, they'll fade into the distance and be hard to find, so if you want them in a book, or think the book would make the perfect gift for someone, it's available.

If you already own Evil Editor Strips, Evil Editor Strips Again, and Evil Editor Strips for the Last Time, you've seen about 75% of the comic strips in Evil Editor's Pitch Sessions. It's just the pitch sessions, mostly of famous authors, but also of characters, animals, and regular people like you.

Both books are 8 by 10 and color. Which means not cheap, but they're cheaper than what I paid for them. Prices include US shipping. If you're somewhere else, let me know (overseas shipping will probably cost as much as the book). Click "Bookstore" in the sidebar to order.

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