Friday, April 24, 2015

Big News!

I've sold the film rights to The Evil Editor Story.

I have no control over who's cast, but if you guys will make suggestions (in the comments) for who should play Evil Editor, Mrs. Varmighan, John Grisham, and Erick, the strange angelic man, I'll pass them along to the producer.


Anonymous said...

You should play yourself, of course. No mere actor is equal to the part. If they can't afford you, they'll have to make do with a cg version.

Oliver Stone said...

Mrs. V.: Julia Roberts
Erick: John Malkovich
Grish: Woody Harrelson
EE: Marlon Brando

Minion456 said...

EE: Ed Asner
Mrs Varmighan: Marge Simpson
Erick: Patrick Stewart
Grisham: That evil footman guy on Downton Abbey

Evil Editor said...

EE: George Clooney
MV: Lady Gaga
JG: Jon Hamm
ETSAM: Icarus

khazarkhum said...

EE: Alan Rickman
Mrs V: Christina Hendricks
Erick: Snoop Dogg
Grish: Danny Trejo

Anonymous said...

EE: Jack Nicholson or Detective Zack Martinez
Mrs V: Jennifer Lawrence
Erick: I vote for John Malkovich too
Grish: Borgo the Disemboweler