Thursday, November 08, 2012


I'm not keeping Kickstarter at the top of the blog to annoy you; it's still there because there's nothing in the query queue and there are no openings waiting for continuations.

For those interested in the project book, I'm having them produced by a company called Blurb. (I recommend them for quality of workmanship if you're ever considering having a photobook made.) I've found their "Bookify" system for creating the book easier to work with than a couple other places I tried.

If you go to their pricing page you'll see that a 100-page 8 x 10 softcover photobook is $36.95, but that volume discounts can get the price down a bit, which is why I'm trying Kickstarter. To see if there's volume demand for what I'm pretty sure is the funniest book ever published. Hey, would I lie to you?

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