Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Feature 25

The 3rd Annual Evie Awards

Each year Evil Editor's Academy of Motionless Pictures honors the year's best films. Once again this year, at the request of the Hollywood stars who are obligated to attend the Oscar show and whined like a car whose battery isn't quite dead but isn't powerful enough to start the engine when we held the Evies at the same time as the Oscars in year 1, the Evie Awards are being presented a week earlier than the Oscars. And once again, unlike the Oscars, which show an occasional thirty-second snippet from a film, we show the entire film and still manage to complete the entire program in about twenty minutes. And the Evies go to . . .

Best Original Song: "Oh, Evil," by Whirlochre, from Radio Daze

Best Musical Score: Fredric Chopin/Kevin MacLeod for Camp Horror

Best Supporting Actor: Harcourt Z. Penrose, Esq. for EE Hires a Lawyer

Best Supporting Actress: Carlotta the Snazzily Dressed Lit Agent for Erick the Strange Angelic Man

Best Screenplay: 150 for Publishing Town

Best Actress: Nicole Kidman for No Regrets

Best Actor: Robert Conrad for The Interrogator

Best Film: A Bright Sunshiny Day


Khazar-khum said...

Eric the SAM needs a book series.

Chelsea Pitcher said...

Wow, Khazar, I came to talk about the exact same thing.

I've missed Erick. I'm glad he's back.

Anonymous said...

Holy cow! Nice series. Where's the ending where they all stand on the stage singing together?