Saturday, June 05, 2010

Caption Match

Sometimes a cartoon doesn't inspire any captions that measure up to the high standards that have been set here. I used to just delete them, but as an experiment I've saved the most recent ones. Your job is to match each cartoon with the captions that were submitted for it. Note that there are more captions than cartoons. Some cartoons have more than one caption.

a. Not quite what I had in mind when Grisham invited me to his premiere party.

b. The difference between us? I can afford to do this.

c. The EE Millionth Rejection Party. Host: Me. Guestlist: Me. Music: Kevin McLeod

d. So, is this a simile or a metaphor, you twerp!

e. Don't SHOW me, TELL me...just for once!

f. When I said I wanted zombie cows, I meant in the stories!


g. I've mastered the grip, now let's see if I can get me a strike...


h. Trailer trash? Hey — that's my latest euphemism for queries...

i. I wonder if writing about bacon qualifies as a "slice of life" story...


j. How in the hell do you plug this thing in?

Answers below:

(At least I'm pretty sure these are right.)

1: d & f
2: e
3: h & i
4: j
5: b & c
6: g
7: a

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ril said...

Well, this is surreal...