Friday, September 05, 2008

Demotivational Posters 3





Anonymous said...

Love this new feature!!! FYI, a Thai friend of mine took this photo of the recent Burma Cyclone.


Dave Fragments said...

These are so cruel. I thought about doing more myself but these are so wicked. I'm humbled.

Robin S. said...

Wow, Meri- good one in a bad, baaad way, girl! You know, when you reread what you wrote and you thought it was absolutely gorgeous prose and then you wake up the next day and uh...nah.

And - Good Lord, Sparky. I hadn't really thought if it that way before I saw your demotivator. Talk about a newfound sense of perspective.

Kiersten White said...

Yes, EE. Yes it will.

(These were all great.)

Chris Eldin said...

These are sooo fun!

All of them are funny!!

Loved the One in a Million. Sortof. I mean, it really is a bummer too.


writtenwyrdd said...

Can I submit these still, EE? I finally came up with what I hope are reasonable captions to go with a couple of my photos.

Evil Editor said...

Sure. I've received a couple others, so anyone who wants to contribute to a final batch, send 'em on.