Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cartoon 212

Caption: Khazar-khum

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Chris Eldin said...

Good one!
(But I'm finding it a bit sordid we all laugh at this stuff on a continual basis....)

none said...

EE has got taller!

Evil Editor said...

Unchosen Captions:

I call it the Evil Shreditor...--anon.

After this, I add a little water, put it through the extruder and deep fry. I'm lovin' it. --anon.

Okay, the chipper's fired up. Now for some more of the slush pile. --writtenwyrdd

Ah! Recycling Day! My favorite time of the year! --writtenwyrdd

It's even more fun with the authors.--anon

I'm doing my bit for the environment. Steam the stamps off the SAEs and recycle the rest... --wo

Figured I'd have Novel Deviations 4printed on recycled paper and save a few seals... --wo.

Unsolicited queries make the best compost! Send more! Make sure no staples though! --DRAD

I love contributing to the Green Movement in my own small way. --DRAD

EE sez: Do your part to eliminate word pollution! --DRAD

I do not mulct my writers, I mulch them! --DRAD

My hope is that nobody catches on to the correlation between the rise in heating oil prices and the number of requests for full manuscripts.--R. Watson

All my fan mail warms my heart and my house. --R. Watson

Julie Weathers said...

EE has not only gotten taller, but he's also thinner. What's the secret?

Anonymous said...

What's the secret to his slender new self? Obviously ~drum roll please~ Slushies!


Unknown said...

I need unguent.
(Gaear Grimsrud - Fargo)