Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Talk Gadget

I've used talk gadget to contact several people today, and it's working fine. I note that some of my contacts have a small circle next to their name, which is green when online and using your computer, orange when online but not using your computer, gray when off line, etc. But some people have no circle. I'm not sure why this is. Possibly they haven't added me to their own contact list?

It is possible to change the user name that appears when using talk gadget. If you want a different name, like the one you use on the blog, I think you can find the instructions by clicking help.


Kiersten White said...

Honestly, your avatar just sits there and stares at me from the chat box. It's a little disconcerting. Especially when I'm trying to edit and you're giving me that disapproving, give it up, you're an idiot type of stare.

Anonymous said...

I still can't change my name. I'm annoyed.

Well - hell. I have to type my name here because I'm signed...oh never mind.


Anonymous said...

The circles mean you are on each other's chat contact list. If you've corresponded enough times by gmail, you will be automatically added to each other's lists.

Otherwise, if a person has a gmail account, but no circle, you can click on their name and "invite them to chat" which will send them a request. After they accept, you will appear on each other's lists.

This is, of course, assuming that you have chat configured to add contacts automatically (which is the default setting.)


Evil Editor said...

Have you tried this?

To change your alias:

1. Sign in to Google Talk.
2. Click Settings along the top of your Friends list.
3. Highlight General along the left side of the window, and click Account settings.
4. Click Edit next to Personal information.
5. Fill out one or both of the First Name and Last Name fields.
6. Click Save.

To see your changes, you'll need to sign out and sign back in to Google Talk.

Anonymous said...

Kiersten - I have a Jane Austen bobble-head doll which used to watch me as I wrote, but she was very companionable. I think I would be freaked out to have EE staring at me - from the screen, no less!

fairyhedgehog said...

I changed my name but it's still showing the same name on the chat. And yes, I did log out and log in again.

I have a feeling that if I DO manage to change it, then it will be changed for all my Google accounts. I don't really want to send out all my emails under the name "fairyhedhehog".

fairyhedgehog said...

OK, ignore my last message. My name has changed and I can change to my real name for my email account.

I'm not sure how this is easier than a Java chat room or IRC though.

Brenda said...

I wasn't here for chat. Didn't get back from dropping the oldest off at college til 10pm. Dang it.

Stacy said...

Hi EE, just wanted to let you know I got the chat and responded. I was away from the computer and have a bad habit of leaving my username on 'available.' Seems to be working fine, though.